Happy 11th Anniversary, Tiger Party!

2020 isn’t easy for everyone, and COVID 19 became an unexpected catalyst for business transformation.
However, the more challenging the situation is, the more courage we have to strive for the better.

Based in Times Square, New York, Tiger Party is at the forefront of a global trend, whereby the interactive capabilities commonly applied to DOOH advertising format.
With its rich experience in sales of immersive DOOH advertising and interactive technology, Tiger Party put 100% energy to develop its new signage system, GOTIGER.
GOTIGER is designed to help billboard owners close deals faster and help brands (advertisers) use real-time data and interactive content to influence customer behavior - driving brand awareness and sales.

“We wouldn't have been able to do that without our partners.
This software is the best because our clients are our biggest business partners and we often interact with our customers directly to embrace their ever-changing needs and get feedback,” says Tiger Party Founder & CEO Rafale Chang.

In one of the recent studies from UK media agency Talon, it was found that campaigns using special techniques boosted purchase consideration by 35%** when compared with standard OOH, and 65%** respondents felt that those brands were more innovative and more exciting.

Sucy Lin, Tiger Party marketing head, shares "While much has changed over the past few months over the global — however, now, more than ever, people look for real engagement in the public space with a certain social distance.
And, DOOH is that public medium which benefits brands to re-establish their presence and spread positive messages to their customer and fans"

Tiger Party, a privately owned company, based in the center of New York City, now has 2 overseas offices in Taiwan, the heart of Asia, and Australia, the center of the southern hemisphere.

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