Golden Goose

Last fall, one of the most fast-growing and high fashion sneaker brands, Golden Goose, introduced their NY-inspired collection - the Yeah! To promote the launch, Tiger Party helped them take over Times Square with our unique, no-latency guaranteed, live-streaming technology. To deliver an “expression of self” attitude, the Yeah sneakers told their story as a patchwork of different colors, fabrics and textures, inspired by New York’s melting pot cultures.

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  • #Creative

Golden Goose brought in a group of dancers to this campaign for their limited sneakers collection. Dancers’ movements and their Golden Goose sneakers were captured and real-time displayed on American Eagle billboard via Tiger Party’s well-reputed display signage software - GOTIGER, with no-latency, accurate down to 1/60 second, 60Gbit/sec transmission.

The Golden Goose live-streaming campaign was a blast in the rain, and attracted thousands of eyes. Seeing the sneakers being broadcasted on the big screen not only stimulated potential customers but also helped this Italian brand build its reputation in the US market. Flash mob dances and our broadcasting technology successfully energized the city on a fall rainy day.
To learn more, check out their official brand video for the Yeah! sneakers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDNUH2jrIX0