Tamago Live Stream

The biggest live streaming APP of Southeast Asia – Tamago – brought its most popular influencers under the global spotlight of Times Square with some help from Tiger Party.

Streamers and viewers alike had the opportunity to interact not just on the screens of their phones, but also on a massive billboard of Times Square!

  • #Creative

We invited influencers to live stream at Times Square using Tamago. For the first time ever, people were able to stream a live event onto the ABC SuperSign billboard via an APP. Through our simulcast technology, GOTIGER, influencers were able to see themselves on their phones and on the huge billboard behind them at the same time. Giving their fans an opportunity to interact with them simultaneously, either in person or virtually by sending out heart-shaped stickers.

This interactive campaign was something of an “Inception of Live Streaming” that took the concept to a whole new level, one that appears on a screen a million times bigger than a phone and one that draws the audience from online to offline and back online again. Tamago’s campaign reached its already significant user-based as well as the millions of people passing through Times Square each day, encouraging more to interact with each other digitally through the world of live streaming.