Bigo Comes Live in Times Square

Live streaming apps are getting more and more popular among the world. Whether you are located in Asia or America, you can watch talents on a global scale. Bigo Live, with active users and broadcasters from 150+ countries, came to Times Square to warm up for their Annual Awards Gala and show their appreciation to their broadcasters and their fans for their support.

  • #Brand Experience

Before the campaign came live in Times Square, fans can vote for their favorite broadcasters in their countries. The most popular broadcasters thus earned their chance to be featured on the Times Square billboard. Selected broadcasters were encouraged to come on site and live-stream the campaign and interact with themselves from the billboard. Tiger Party helped Bigo emphasize their brand value by live-streaming the whole campaign for fans all around the world to celebrate together. More than 10K users actively participated in the live-streaming and witnessed the campaign through the camera.

In addition to the online viewers who joined the live-streaming, many local broadcasters also came to Times Square to celebrate in person! Fans were excited to see their favorite broadcasters doing a live-stream featuring themselves appearing on the billboard. As one of the biggest and most popular streaming apps in Asia, Bigo Live’s Times Square campaign provided its broadcasters a platform to become more creative and passionate while enjoying the fame. This social media evolution has not only given rise to a new generation of online stars, but has also created a world where info-tainment is consumed based on mobility and accessibility.