Appleebee’s celebrated with guests across the country for the launch of its new menu on May 13th, 2015 with a street party in Times Square featuring free food, live music, special-guest performances, and a social media takeover on 12 of the most recognized Times Square billboards.
During the event using social media, all of Applebee’s beloved customers could tag Applebee’s and share their experience of the new menu and see their tweets or photos show up on the billboards in Time Square - including ABC SuperSign and Reuters - from 11 am to 4 pm on May 13th.

  • #Brand Experience

Tiger Party utilized our customizable Moderation Tool to allow Applebee’s social media team to instantly moderate incoming tweets throughout the duration of the event. If the tagged content was approved by the moderators, participants will see their photos or tweets on the designated billboards.

Some key consideration for the Time Square Social Media Takeover includes,
Creating a seamless process from moderating/ filtering tweets to the integration with multiple digital signages
Sync all signages to display content in alignment with event timing
Enhance communication capabilities between multiple digital signage systems

It was truly a Times Square Takeover in the signs from as far north as 49th street to as south as 40th street featuring Applebee's content. Tiger Party achieved a customized social media campaign featuring moderated user-generated content for multiple Times Square billboards - elevating the new menu launch with a dynamic and engaging twist, giving everyone a sense of what it means to be “eatin’ good in the neighborhood.”