Using Data Merge function in InDesign to create a business card

In this post we are going to do a little demo on how you can use the Data Merge function to create a bunch of business cards for the people here in Tiger Party. Of course you can make these files in Photoshop or Illustrator, but that will involve a lot of copying and pasting, and then turning on and off layers (if using Photoshop) or managing consistency across multiple art boards (if using Illustrator), neither way is as efficient as this method I am going to show working in InDesign.

This is the what we will achieve at the end of this post.

This is the what we will achieve at the end of this post.

1. Collect data from everybody in the company, here we passed out a shared excel file and everyone can fill out their own information, we just need to make sure that the first row are labelled clearly, in this case- first, last, title, and mobile. Then save the file as a .csv file

2. Design the business card per Creative Director’s direction.

3. Open the Data Merge window in InDesign.

4. The instruction is written in the window, and that’s exactly what we are going to do in the following steps.

5. Select the .csv file (from step 1) as your Data Source.

6. After you select the file you will see the first row in the .csv file is shown in the Data Merge window.

7. Highlight the text you want it to be replaced by the data.

8. Select the according source column by clicking on it in the Data Merge window.

9. Now the dummy text is updated with the column label in << >>.

10. Repeat step 7&8 for all the other variables.

11. Select Create Merged Document from the Data Merge window fly out menu.

12. Clink OK on the options menu.

13. Voila! There you have it: InDesign created a new document with all the business card you need!

14. Export as pdf of whatever file you need.

Say next time when you have to create jpg files of the number sequencing 0 to 100, don’t use photoshop, please.