Taxi Multimedia System

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Taxi Multimedia System (TMS) by Tiger Party Australia – A smart touch screen system designed to maximize your business exposure to everyday passengers on Australian Taxis. TMS is a two-part solution in delivering media content and interactivity to Taxi passengers.

"TMS is the first digital advertising platform inside the taxi vehicle in Melbourne, Australia."

Approved by TSC (Taxi ServTMSs Commission), Certified by VicRoads VASS Engineer (Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme)

The TMS Tablet & Taxi Advertising App

The first part involves deployment of headrest-mounted screens in the front passenger seats of the Taxis. These screens are not for viewing only. Powered by Tiger Party Australia Taxi Advertising App, they respond to users touch, opening a world of interactivity with businesses and entertainment for backseat passengers. They allow backseat passengers to enjoy what would otherwise be a routine, mundane taxi trip.

Large, multi-gestured LCD touch screen

Simple, User friendly, intuitive design, featuring:

  • Navigate through the app via a familiar Android navigation and ecosystem
  • Flat icons, soft colour theme, large texts. Every little component is designed to maximize the impact of your advertisements/messages deliver while making the app easy to use
  • Continuous display of digital advertising through video playback and image slideshow with interactive features such as:

  • Click-to-see detailed view of your advertisements
  • Captures viewers’ opinions
  • Captures viewers’ contact information and interests
  • *Captures viewers’ profile

Location awareness powered by Assisted-GPS + Explorable map powered by Google Maps. Providing smart, high impact location aware features* such as:

  • Directions to your business
  • Plot your business on the map (because a picture says a thousand words)
  • *Location based advertising (Plots your business on the map and increase the play frequency of your advertisement media as the taxi is in the vicinity of your business)

Smart Widgets

  • Up-to-date weather information powered by World Weather Online, localized to the taxi’s current position
  • Latest, up-to-date news headlines from around the globe powered by The Guardian, enhanced with interactive features to send articles via email

Other Highlights

  • Fast Wireless communication to base powered by ^Telstra, providing the ability to update your advertisement contents in hundreds and thousands of TMS at a touch of a button. Talk about maximum exposure with minimum delay!
  • Smart Passenger Face Detection and Recognition making it possible to distinguish the demographic group of the passenger (e.g. gender and age) and reconfigure the system to increase the play frequency of advertisements targeted for the group.
  • Smart product/genre searching ability, helping customers find your business fast! This feature coupled with TMS Tablet map ensures your business gets the exposure it deserves.
  • Fast, powerful, extensible. The sky is really the limit when it comes to Taxi Advertising with Tiger Party Australia. The TMS Tablet app is built on top of the ever-popular Android framework. This easily allows future expansion and interactivity of your advertisement more than ever. This is a game changer in Taxi Advertising.

The TMS Management (for Advertisers)

The TMS Management forms the second part of the two-part TMS system. This is an easy to use, self-explanatory management app that you can access via the Internet. This app allows viewing and management of your subscription and taxi advertisements (video/image) anytime, anywhere. Convenient.

Together with the TMS Tablet Taxi Advertising App, information such as your media view count, play locations, number of likes and much more is right at your fingertips.

This web app provides access to:

  • View your taxi advertising subscription and billing information
  • View and monitor your media files
  • Run raw, unedited reports of your business exposure (number of media played, opinions, customer taps)
  •  Receive notifications when a user is interested in your advertisements
  •  Recent locations of the taxis that play your media publications
  • *Adjust the target of your advertisements (e.g. the zones/demographic group where your advertisements should be played in greater frequency)
  • *Counts on the locations where your media publications are played

*Coming soon.
^In order to ensure the servTMS quality and market competitiveness, Tiger Party Australia reserves the right to change wireless internet supplier.

Ways Tiger Party Australia can help your business grow via Taxi Advertising

  • Gives your business opportunity to meet more and new customers
  •  Approximately 18,000 accredited taxi vehicles across Australia's Major Cities
  •  Estimated 140 million Trips/Annum
  • More than 200 million Passengers/Annum use this method of transportation
  • 24/7 none stop advertising through taxi vehicles

Finding your Target Audience

  • 80% of the taxi passengers are Business Frequent Travellers & Tourists
  • Expose your business to the selected audience by locations/demographic group

Flexible Packages to Lower Your Risk, but Maximize Your Results

  • Flexible and Customize taxi advertising packages are available
  • ChoTMS on the number of taxis to display your business advertisements

Let your advertisements ‘Reach Out’ to its Target Audience

  • Interactivity and features to allow users to quickly find your businesses and interact with it
  • Over the air updates of content let you adjust your advertisements to suit different situations