Tamago Live Streaming Campaign

Watch how Tiger Party brought livestream global interaction onto the screens of Times Square:

The biggest live streaming app of Southeast Asia – Tamago – brought its most popular influencers under the global spotlight with the help of Tiger Party.

Streamers and viewers alike had the opportunity to interact not just on their phone screens, but also on a massive billboard of Times Square!


Streamers were invited to livestream at Times Square on Tamago. This was the first time ever people were able to stream a live event to the ABC SuperSign billboards in Times Square via an app. Through the application of our simulcast technology, influencers were able to see themselves on the app and on the huge billboard behind them at the same time; their fans were able to interact with them simultaneously, sending out heart-shape stickers and actively participating in this momentous occasion.

DSC_8004 (1).jpg
DSC_6240 (1).jpg

This marketing project reached audiences from around the world on the Tamago app. People who were intrigued got involved by joining the livestream, and people passing by were certainly aware of this attention-drawing interactive campaign.