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Tiger Party offers an innovative solution by delivering an ultra high-performance signage system to our client. Tiger Party has put years of experience into its signage system, called GoTiger, that addresses common issues other signage software brands in the market have not solved.

The GoTiger system caters across vertical markets including commercial advertising, retail digital displays, fast food digital displays, news, art gallery/museum, educational slideshows, and financial or experimental events.

Key FEatures of Go tiger

  • Ultra High Quality Specs:
    Native 4K @60FPS with Apple lossless ProRes 422HQ or Uncompressed animation codec

  • 3D Warping Capability:

Support any kind of shape and style of LED, Real-time 3D image mapping with web-control capability.

  • Smooth transmission:
    60 Gbit/sec Transmission IO for real-time asset management.

  • Universal support:

Universal Platform that supports Mac OS X , Linux or Windows for the best compatibility and consistency

  • Real-Time Moderation Platform:
    Seamless social media moderation and big data collection for event analysis.

  • Advanced remote management and mobile-friendly Interface designed

Users can easily schedule and refresh content.

Product Specs:

  • GoTiger can be customized depending on client requirements.

  • Available for different kinds of media resources.

  • Sound Effects Available

  • All resources will be kept forever (the play history) in the Playlog, which can be traced back to day one.

  • PDF, PowerPoint Slide Show, Images format, Images Slideshow, Video format, Customized Application and Live Feed.

  • Real-Time Text Feed, like Election Result

  • CC (Closed Caption)Feed, available for XML and JSON Format  

  • Video Feed

Current Clients:

  • ABC Supersign

  • Bank of America Billboard

  • Disney Store Spectacular Sign

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