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The HEARTS OF ASIA  #ShowYourHeart Campaign and #BikeTaiwan Campaign


The importance of experiential toward tourism industry and the social impact is undeniable. Tiger Party designed two unique and interactive campaigns to reinforce Taiwan’s unique appeal as a compelling destination and to improve Taiwan's profile in the US (Global) market, Tiger Party has worked closely with Taiwan Tourism Bureau to delivered the concept of “Hearts of Asia” by live streaming and VR technology to tens of thousands of International travelers in Times Square, New York. 



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 #ShowYourHeart Campaign

The first time ever, connecting people living in New York and Taipei City by synchronizing two interactive digital billboards located at Asia and America. When people from both countries made a heart shape together with their arms, it will trigger a firework effect with a promotion video encouraging people to visit Taiwan. 


【Tiger Party 新聞稿圖片02】Hearts of Asia 亞洲之心動作感測連線活動.png

Heart of Asia Taiwan: Interactive Joint Heart event that connecting people from New York and Taipei Taiwan.

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#BikeTaiwan Campaign

Another creative experiential campaign that tailored made for Taiwan Tourism, it combined VR, motion-sensing, and AR technologies into one event.  With an immersive VR bicycle experience to showcase well-known tourist sites, such as Jiufen (九份), Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and Yehliu (野柳) by the highest-quality of 5K video, it allowed the audience to experience what it feels like biking in Taiwan. Moreover, the scenery was also projected at Times Square via AR technology, which advertises the unique attractions of Taiwan to all the visitors in Times Square. VR Bike Experience Campaign demonstrated an easy, fun and quick get-to-know tourism experience of Taiwan to participants and created unforgettable memories. Also, it allowed thousand visitors in Time Square to learn the unique and authentic Taiwan. 

Heart of Asia Taiwan: VR Bike Event that providing participants with a simple and interesting opportunity to experience bike riding in Taiwan.


Overall, “Heart of Asia” Campaign allowed people in NY to discover friendly, fun and welcoming side of Taiwanese citizens.
With the strategic social media management, Tiger Party has driven the country brand awareness on @TripToTaiwan Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels toward global marketing, which achieved the phenomenon result with the total of 21K followers, over 2.5M impressions and 177K engagements within 8 months. 

Both campaigns not only showed the core concept of Taiwan to the world, successfully convey the national image of “Taiwan-The Heart of Asia”, but also achieved the distinguished ROI around 223.62%. According to the monthly statistics from Taiwan Tourism, monthly visitors from the US visiting for pleasure purposes increased by 4.5% QoQ in Q1 2018 to 135,606 after the campaign launched.